Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grocery store and 24

I found the grocery store, the Botanic Gardens were beautiful, I made myself delicious pasta with meat sauce for dinner, the lecture I went to was shitty and we left early, and we ended up just hanging out in the common room at Toroa (the international house) and getting muffins from a nearby convenience store that's open 24 hours. I got an apple cinnamon DELICIOUS MUFFIN. Toroa is wonderful. It has heat that you can actually use, unlimited internet (not wireless, but each room has a place to hook up ethernet cables... the internet is more expensive but... i think it would be worth it), a great common room with a pool table, SKY tv, a foosball table, and it has activities you can do. I wish I had chosen to live there! It IS true, though, that you're less likely to meet Kiwis and get into Kiwi culture, and it is a little bit like you're being taken care of, I hear, which could get kind of annoying since I mean, you're a college student. Also it's a bit further from campus than most uni flats. So there's pros and cons to everything. When it gets warmer I probably won't wish I lived there. BUT RIGHT NOW I DO!

and then:

Anthropology of Health looks SO INTERESTING!!! And I met a girl from Canada and a girl from the US (who's been going to Otago for 3 years now) in the class, and there's a girl I already know in it! Cool stuff. I am torn about the weekend: there's the tramp with the club, or loads of cool stuff with my friends. There's doing some cooking, going up Mt. Cargill, going to the beach, going to the farmer's market, and watching the All Blacks game at the Octagon. There's also a uni flats social at the Cook. So it seems like there's a ton that would be good to do here... also, I don't have a space for the tramp yet, don't know how much it costs, and they're only taking 12 or so people so I don't even know if I can go.

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