Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clubs and Socs Day; Marketplace

Yesterday was Clubs and Socs Day at the Clubs and Socs Building. I immediately found the juggling club (well, they're quite obvious because they're the ones juggling) and rushed to sign up - until I found out that it costs $20 to do. Then I backed away slowly, and signed up for the Tramping Club which is $30 but that's okay since it means you get to hire their equipment and go on their trips. I went inside to see more clubs and found Amber and Kate. Amber told me I shouldn't join the tramping club but should instead go in for a car with her, Helen, and another girl. That sounds like a fantastic idea, I said, though I already kind of joined the tramping club. Oh well. Kate talked me into signing up for Polynesian Dance with her which doesn't start until September. Then I went upstairs to see the other clubs (all of them cost money!) and got made to feel really guilty by all the activist groups.

I hung out in the library uploading photos much of the day - I'll incorporate them into the blog at some point or other. I had my first day of Anthropology of Health which is a two hour lecture once a week. It seems really interesting. It also has a tutorial once a week, which I had this morning. I stopped uploading photos for dinner, then finished my readings. I was going to go to Tim's place to partake in the 'quiet drinks' and socialising but I felt too awkward just going into his house uninvited (no one answered the door) so I went and baked cookies at Toroa instead with Kate, Helen, and Amber. They revealed to me loads of weekend plans which I would miss if I went on the tramp on the Kepler Track. So now I have a hard decision to make.

Today there was a Marketplace by the Union building as well as a snowboarding ramp? It had fake snow of course - it's decently warm out. I got a bone hei matau for a gift for someone, and looked in vain for University of Otago sweatshirts (argh!). There were a lot of people selling used clothes. Maybe I should go back and look more.

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