Monday, July 7, 2008

First Bowler Karaoke outing

I went to karaoke just now!! It was so much fun. It was at a nearby pub called The Bowler. You get a free beer if you sing in the first hour. Karin and I sang Wannabe by the Spice Girls. It was SO much fun. We got a free beer... Karin gave it to me because she had already gotten drinks, and so I sipped at it a little (when you get beer here it comes in HUGE servings, at least a pint, and these came in handles, which i think may be more than a pint) until the other people at my table were like "are you actually going to drink that?" and i was like, no, im only sipping it, have as much as you want. for beer, it was decent tasting which was why i continued having a couple of sips. It was a beer called Tui which has lots of ads that end in 'yeah right' all over the city. I have to take a picture of this one, I don't remember what the actual Tui ad was, but someone spray painted on it: "Jesus Saves. Yeah right." and we're terrible but we find it hilarious, just the way it's done. Actual ads include: "We shouldn't, we're flatmates. Yeah right" so you get the picture. Anyway so yeah, I won a free beer! WOOO! haha, I was kind of excited because of the whole 'free' thing, but not as much because of the 'beer' thing. If it was free food, I'd have been happy. I've been really hungry all day for some reason. Anyway, we think we're going to do karaoke every Monday if we can, it's so much fun. And it was SO crowded, it was ridiculous. It was fun watching other people and singing along. Other people in my group put in requests for songs but did it too late so their songs hadn't come up by the time we were ready to leave. Tomorrow there's an open mic night, which you may recall I went to last week, and I want to hit it up again cuz it was cool. It's so different: Dunedin has a NIGHTLIFE!!! Including the massage parlor above the Peaches and Cream adult store lol I wanted to tell you about that too. Oh yeah and I heard my neighbor/fellow-orientation-goer Sean may or may not have gotten arrested today for smoking pot. And yesterday he got punched in the face at a party. Not a good couple of days for him, I guess. So that's my night! It is fun to hang out with cool people.

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Rachel said...

Also July 7th: "I just saw a guy over on the main quad area (I guess you could call it that) juggling 5 balls at once and doing awesome tricks and ohmigod it was so cool I wanted to go talk to him, right, but he was in this awkward place by some tent structure that people were putting up and I felt shy about boldly walking across the lawn and being like DUDE YOU'RE SO IMPRESSIVE. Perhaps he's in the juggling club and I'll meet him when I go. The clubs day isn't til tomorrow and maybe he will be there too. and other people who are ALSO IMPRESSIVE. but then maybe i'll be too intimidated to join the juggling club. nah, jugglers are always cool. I hope. lol. I also had my first class, Bodies, Sexualities and Selves. I met the girl I sat next to, her name was Juliann and she was a first year student majoring in anthropology. The lecturer is really funny, and made it quite obvious he's not heterosexual (he was talking about the topic of heterosexuality we'll be covering, and saying "I'll be lecturing about that, but not from any personal experience, purely from academic interest, maybe you guys can tell us more about the mechanics, or maybe not" lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kiwi accent, I've decided. I SO want to pick it up. My next class is at one and in the meantime I'm going to make lunch and find somewhere outside to eat it because it is RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL out!!! It's SUNNY, Jeff! SUNNY!!!! I dunno if you know how unprecedented that is. And somewhat warm as well! It was fairly warm yesterday too."