Friday, July 4, 2008

Class Registration; Monkey Bar

Today was course registration/approval. I finally decided what I'm taking: MAOR 102: Maori Society, GEND 102: Bodies, Sexualities, and Selves, and ANTH 323: Anthropology of Health. Hopefully those will be good classes, and will leave me room to take classes through Unipol and OUSA, which I want to do. I want to take OUSA's Beginner Maori Language course, and Bone Carving through Unipol, at the very least. I'm also interested in taking Basic Bar Skills (for those who don't know, ever since I was a barista for a summer, I've been interested in learning to bartend, since I know making drinks is not too tough and fun.

I also took a campus tour today - it wasn't really that informative. The tour guide really just walked around and pointed at various buildings, saying 'that's that building.' The only thing I really gained out of it was that there are several 24 hour computer labs that you can access with your door code, which I got today. So that's cool. I sat in the library for a while with Karin, Becky, Helen, and Kate. We were debating whether or not to go to the book store, but we didn't. Then we decided to go out to dinner, and we went to Hell Pizza which is a couple blocks north on Great King Street. We took the pizzas to Helen's flat, which is on Castle. It was quite good, and Helen had orange juice. Always delicious.

We all split up and took showers and then met at about 7:30-ish to go to the Monkey Bar for the International Student Party. The Monkey Bar is a really cool converted church on the corner of Great King and Hanover Streets. We danced for a long time. It was a lot of fun. That place has $3 drinks every Thursday from 8-12, so it could be a cool place to go on Thursdays, if one wanted to go out on that night.

Tomorrow I'm going on the Taieri Gorge Train, which is free tomorrow for new international students! More on that later.


Colleen said...

ZOMG! Hell's Pizza are the guys who bought that dude's soul on Ebay!

Rachel said...

more on the Int'l Student Party: "So I just got back from the international student party at the Monkey Bar. The Monkey Bar, as I believe I told you, is a converted church. It still has the organs and it's very obvious it's a church. There's a Jagermeister flag over the organs... so that gives it away that it's a bar. I think the food might've been free... my friends and I got there at about 8:15 or 8:30, then there was a group doing Pacific dance. The drinks were $3, so I got a KGB Raspberry, which is like a hard lemonade, it's the kind that's really tasty and has not much alcohol at all. I needed something to sip on, and I got that and it was good and it lasted me all night (I'm a cheap date! lol). Not long after that we went out on the dance floor. There were some raised stage-like areas next to the dance floor, and we got up there when we saw that Brianna from our orientation group, and Gavin, a really cool Canadian guy who lives with my friend Karin, were up there. It was a really good time, we danced the night away! My legs got tired and I sat down for a little while, and during that time a guy walks up to me, who I don't recognize, and goes "hey I live with you" and I'm like, umm, "what?" because, for one thing, I don't recognize him, and because at this point I'm almost completely deaf from dancing right by the blaring speakers. It turned out he was my flatmate Ryan, who I've met like all of twice, and who I've up to now never seen without a hat. So we talked, err, shouted at each other, for a few minutes, in which time he revealed that he was really drunk and asked to buy me a drink. But I was like, no, see, I have one. I think a guy I know, John, might've asked me to go smoke weed also, while I was sitting there. But since I couldn't hear anything, I'm not entirely sure what was going on. Oh well! Kate and I decided to leave before most people did... we were tired and sore. I'll be leaving for the train station at about 10:45, also. Anyway, I had a lot of fun this evening."