Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some random things I've noticed

-There are more Subways in New Zealand than there are McDonald's.
-The letter 'z' is pronounced 'zed'.
-The birds here sound a lot different.
-Pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way. You better wait for that crosswalk to turn green.
-Cheese is really expensive.
-There are clearly marked public bathrooms toilets everywhere. It's really great.
-Kiwis like to put pineapple on everything.
-Not surprisingly, there are lots of sheep. I was surprised, however, at how many cows there are as well.
-Meat pies are cheap and delicious.
-New Zealand is about as far from home as you can get - but it doesn't feel like it's far from home.
-If you're eating out, it's often more expensive. However, you don't have to tip, and tax is always included in the price. When you factor in those facts plus convert it to US dollars, it's actually about the same or cheaper.

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