Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dunedin (that's duh-NEED-in)

I just wandered around town, trying to find where my Arcadia people are living. I located plenty of flats, but no one was home in any of them. It was actually quite pleasant out, I was dressed warmer than I needed to be. I stopped in the Dundas Street Dairy for a Telecom top-up, only to discover there were already 500 texts on the phone! Well, now I have 2500. No worries. I couldn't figure out how to get to the actual flats at Toroa, and besides, I don't know where Amber and Kate live exactly, anyway. As I was walking, I was thinking how Dunedin really is a lovely little city. I know it's much bigger than anything I'm used to, but at least right now it has more of a little city feel. The campus is beautiful. I live about a second away from the clocktower and the river. I was feeling a little pessimistic earlier about living so independently, but after talking to Jeff, feeding myself, and making plans for tonight, I am much more confident. There's that feeling of 'oh, it's cold and the days are short and I'm so alone' but it's just a feeling. I'm not alone. I have friends in Dunedin, and I have so much love back home. I must say that I'm fully becoming a scarfie - I've worn scarves often and even bought -gasp- more today! I need to get another sweatshirt or two. I'm currently attempting to decide on what classes to take. Two of them are certain: Maori Society and Anthro of Health. I can't decide on my third. There's Maori Language, NZ Politics, a gender studies class (bodies, sexualities, and selves), Music in Popular Culture, Love and Heroism: Religions of South India, Religion and the Internet, and Concepts of the Self. I think most of them would fit into my schedule. It's just up to me to decide. I promise I will actually update on my time in New Zealand up to now at some point, I am just not extremely motivated to since I need to wait for library internet to actually upload photos.


Jeff said...

I'm so glad I was able to be helpful and cheer you up. Those classes that you are trying to decide between sound really cool. I wish that W&M had more with such interesting sounding names! Can you find out anything about the Profs?

Colleen said...

OOOH do the NZ politics, or the Indian religion, or Internet & Religion. Well, no, actually, do whatever you want :P Yeah living on your own is weird, isn't it? Hopefully you're not going to subsist on ramen though, right? (Man now I'm craving ramen... hehe.)

Rachel said...

I hate ramen so subsisting on it is highly unlikely lol

but mac n' cheese? that's a different story.

actually, it looks like meat pies might be the way to go - heat up ones at the grocery store are $1.55 a piece, and easily fill you up as a whole meal. I was going to go to the farmer's market and get fresh fruit today but the weather is TERRIBLE.

Rachel said...

a thing I wrote about just moving in: "the only Maori I've picked up is kia ora, which is a greeting used throughout NZ. (that's enn-zed, not enn-zee). It looks like I may be taking Maori language after all - I wanted to take Maori Song and Dance instead but it looks like it's not offered this semester... unfortunate. I've moved into my flat now, and it's cold, as I was warned. The guy who lived in my room last semester left a bunch of stuff - including sheets, pillows, some clothes, and a cell phone! So I get to have all that, which will save me quite a bit of money! There is wireless in my flat but my comp doesn't want to connect to it - not much of a problem because I can use the ethernet... but it does mean I'll have to do all my skyping in the living room, and I dunno how okay that will be. Hopefully just fine! Also the campus has free wireless but I need the access code so maybe I can go in the library to talk to you (there are little rooms you can use I think)."