Friday, July 11, 2008

Car looking and Mexican disaster

Today I slept in, then destroyed a bagel (I forgot to cut them in half before I froze them so I had a thawing disaster, but I still got to eat most of it...) then cleaned up some of the mess around the lounge, then went and threw a frisbee around with Amber, Kate, and Helen, and we looked at a bright orange car for sale nearby which is pretty cheap but the registration and warrant of fitness are both set to run out fairly soon and that really ups the price of the car, realistically. So I dunno. There are other people who want in on the car but I'm trying to make sure that no more than 5 people pay for it, because if you paid for it you should have access to a seat for every weekend trip if you want, that's only fair, though of course probably not everyone will go every time, so other people could pay for gas IF there's an extra seat. Hopefully that's how we'll do it. Anyway. I helped my flatmate with a play reading just now, so I got to meet two of her friends which is pretty cool. I dunno what to do before dinner (my power ran out so I'm typing this in the library) but it's really nice out so maybe I'll just walk around. I am feeling tired for some reason... well I did stay up until 3 am so maybe it's just that. And I have a bit of a headache. And I went into a liquor store for the first time ever! It was called Liquor Land. I got a 4 pack of fruity drinks. I'll keep you updated on how the Mexican food is and if we manage to find a car! The Mexican place we went to for dinner... was not so great. My burrito was fine, but not exactly what you would expect, and $15. Have you heard of a place in DC called Taqueria Poblano? Apparently this place was modeled after it. After that we stopped at a dairy for ice cream (yum!) and then went to Amber's flat and made pavlova, a Kiwi dessert. We played some cards, hung out, it was chill. I had a wicked headache for a while but it subsided after taking Tylenol and drinking loads of water.

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