Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grange party and observation

So I went to Karin's at 6 as planned and we waited for others to arrive then ordered 3 large pizzas from Domino's... they turned out to be in fact much smaller than what you get in America so that is a lesson learned... there were 8 of us sharing it too. But it was only about $3.80 each, so oh well. And everyone got 3 pieces. We watched the Matrix Reloaded which turned out to be pretty cool then played pictionary. I was on a team with Alex (Garett) and for some reason he chose the name 'Jesus Squad' for our team. It almost worked, we almost won but he wouldn't say 'zoom lens' instead he said 'zoom lenses' a bunch of time. SO CLOSE! On the way back the weather was much better (no wind OR rain!) and Helen and I passed a bunch of groups of Kiwi students (gasp!) and they were wearing MUCH LESS than us. I guess that shows you right away who the international students are - the ones wearing coats. The Kiwis were wearing TSHIRTS or at most long sleeved tees. AHHH! I guess you get used to the weather. Anyway, I may be going to the museum tomorrow. If you ask, what museum? I shall say, the Otago Museum, which is across the street from the library. And it's free!

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