Monday, July 7, 2008

I did not have class on the first day of classes

Well, classes started today... but not for me. I don't have class on Mondays or Fridays. Sweet as! So, instead, I found the classrooms where I will be having class (quite an easy task) and ran some errands.

First, though, I had a $3 lunch at OUSA which is put on by the Hare Krishnas. It's vegetarian (maybe even vegan) and they give you HEAPS of food. They had pasta and apple crumble today. The pasta was not too exciting, but decent, and the apple crumble was delicious. I went with Helen and Kate and Alex. While waiting in line, I met Charlie and Anissa, who seem really cool. After lunch I signed up for the Starting Maori Language class and then Anissa and I walked to Unipol to sign up for Bone Carving. So we will both be taking that at the same time, which is cool.

I seem to see my flatmate's boyfriend Tim a lot when I'm walking around. That seems sort of unlikely since it's such a huge university but it's really cool that I do see people I know. I bought the book for Maori Society at a discount bookshop up on Great King Street near McDonald's. I saved about $17, so that's nice. I then went and got fruit from New World and popcorn from Countdown. Countdown is further away but a bit cheaper. If I get a card to get their deals it will be even better priced. I'll have to look into that. I didn't get dinner stuff because I wasn't sure when this whole flat cooking will start. I need to find that out. I also went to the Albany Street Pharmacy to get a thermometer (I have no fever! hooray!) and cold medicine. Somewhere in there I took some pictures in the Octagon. I really wanted to get up to the Botanic Gardens but it's dark now so I think I'll hold off on that.

I looked up my classes on Blackboard - it looks like the final exams are worth 50% in all 3 of them. Intimidating! Also, my anthropology class looks challenging. I'll have to write essays for all my classes. Ah well, it is school after all. I don't know what I'll end up doing this evening.

Oh, and a quick summary of my weekend:
Saturday, the weather was terrible and so my Mt. Cargill plans were canceled. We had a gathering at Karin's (48 Grange) where we ordered pizza and watched the second Matrix movie. Karin's house is really nice. We discovered that a large pizza at Domino's is much much smaller than what you expect. Sunday I went to the Otago Museum at 3 after having slept in and wandered around a bit, and then went out to dinner at Tokyo Garden, which is alright but the chicken was fatty. When I was going to bed on Saturday night, the lights went out as I was brushing my teeth. See, we have prepaid power and it cuts off when it runs out. I decided that instead of trying to work out how to add more power in the dark, I'd wait til the morning to clear it up. Sure enough, I was the one to add $50 to the power - and that will hopefully be all I pay this month.

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Rachel said...

what I wrote to Jeff: "Today has been good but I spent a lot of money. See, I signed up for Bone Carving ($40) and Intro Maori Language ($59) and got a textbook for Maori 102 ($42) and got some fruit (not much money) and got a thermometer and cold meds ($29) so anyway, yeah. Luckily most of those things are things I don't need to buy all the time! Also I got lunch ($3) from the Hare Krishnas it was pasta and apple crumble it was heaps of food and pretty good and CHEAP!!! They have $3 lunches pretty much every day of the week. And in the OUSA building there's a sauna, I found out! It costs $3 as well. The classes I signed up for should be fun. I've just been walking all around today, I didn't have class. My first class is tomorrow at 11."