Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Summary of My Week

It rained all week. And got progressively colder.

Monday: Decided to buy a car Tuesday. Then decided not to.
Tuesday: Did not buy a car. Had my first day of Maori Language.
Wednesday: Had my first day of bone carving! Went to Velvet Burger for dinner because my power was out.
Thursday: Had a Mexican dinner with a whole bunch of cool people. It was delicious. Then went out to Robbie Burns, The Monkey Bar, a Kiwi house party, and the Bowler. It was a fun night indeed.
Friday: Slept in a huge amount. Got 2 sweaters at an opshop for $7. Saw the Dark Knight!

Tomorrow I plan to go out to the peninsula. The rain is supposed to continue at least until Tuesday. Joy!


Rachel said...

More: "So we had our lovely car meeting. We decided we were going to go for this car - just the three of us at first and then whoever else could buy in (Gavin from Canada was pretty sure he wanted to buy in quite soon). Then we went and I made myself dinner, a frozen pizza that I unfroze and a salad. I watched some TV (oh no I kind of am getting addicted to Shortland Street). Tried to get people together for karaoke but no one actually wanted to go, apparently. Then I went and read for anthropology at the library. As I was leaving I get a text "can we tell greg that we want to hold off until further notice on the car? because we might have jumped into it too soon please don't hate us". So, apparently, the other two girls got together and talked about it without telling me or something and decided that they had second thoughts. This is really annoying to me on several levels. Anyway, I am extremely frustrated now. They further explained that oh, there's other cars we haven't looked at, and we don't have to buy this one now plus we don't really need a car right this minute. But I'm thinking, there's ALWAYS going to be other cars we haven't looked at. This one is likely to go to someone else pretty quickly. And if we have a car now, we can start going places this very weekend, making it much more worth the investment of a car because we can use it longer!"

Rachel said...

Maori language: "I had my tutorial, that was good except we were talking about a film I had been sick for lol. Then I had some dinner, some pesto pasta and corn (separately, not together). Oh yeah I found out that here what we would call "sharp" cheddar is called "tasty" cheddar. So I got "extra tasty" cheddar, which means it's extra sharp. I sure do agree with their use of "tasty" in that circumstance. Then I did some reading, then I had my first ao (day) of Maori Language. I wrote on your wall the thing I learned and remember. Since I already told you that kia ora (pronounced more like kee-aura) means hello, I bet you can figure out the rest. Hint: it's probably the first thing you learn in any language class. Anyway, we went over basic pronunciation, some other stuff. I am excited about it! Especially since right after class I passed my a pair of Campus Watch guys and the one said kia ora to me! At least I think so. Kiwis say it so fast, it sounds like kyora if you said that as only 2 syllables. I'm already glad I'm taking this class. I wanted to walk into my flat and be like "kia ora! kei te pehea koe?" to whoever I saw, but I didn't at the last crucial moment. Oh well. I think I'll read about canoe migrations."

Rachel said...

Bone carving: "Had my first day of Bone Carving today. We are learning the process in order that we might do it ourselves here or at home (we're all international students, 4 germans 4 americans and one aussie). Cleaned out a red meaty bone - you scrape the squishy marrow out with a thin bladed knife then scrape off any meat and connective tissue. We're using beef bones, the back leg ones, you can get them from a butcher and often for free. Not everyone gave the cleaning a go, I did, and no one who did wore gloves though they were provided. (I just realized, I then ate a burger for dinner, interesting.... of course I had washed my hands). Then we picked already prepared pieces of bone and drew on designs. I drew 4; I had thought I would only be doing 1 piece but that's definitely not the case. I may only get around to those 4 but that's alright. Easy souvenirs! And I may get to do more, I may even have one finished after next time! Anyway it was loads of fun, and I'm so excited to get to carving next week!

When I got home my power was out, so I just left and got food at Velvet Burger (SO GOOD) then got stuff for my Mexican food night tomorrow at the supermarket. I think I'm going to try to go see Batman on Friday, maybe, I know at least Anissa who's in bone carving with me would be willing to go. I ended up having to reload the power again, which is annoying (it should have been one of the boys' turn probably)."

Rachel said...

Shopping; Dark Knight: "I wanted to tell you about my amazing purchases.
I spent $14 today so far while shopping.
I bought 2 sweaters and a book for that amount of money. Keep in mind I recently bought one book for $28.
That is so amazing!
The book is a book of New Zealand short stories. I went to Scribes, the second hand book shop. It was incredible - I want to go back probably and get like a NZ history book, or possibly a book about birds in NZ. I saw the Dark Knight. It was utterly amazing. Interestingly, of the 10 or so people who said they'd come with me, 2 actually did. It was sold out anyway. Luckily I booked my ticket online!"