Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going out

After talking to you: went to check out the market again, which was closed, so I watched the skiing and snowboarding dudes for a bit, and saw a couple people I knew, and then walked back to my flat and read my book some and then had dinner (pasta with bread n butter). then i went to yoga at 7 with helen and it ended up being 2 and a half hours long! we thought it would be an hour or something. it was good though, im considering going regularly though maybe not. it's $3 a lesson, which is really not bad if you think about it. I think I may join the juggling club after all, after realizing it's really the best way for me to meet Kiwis which is one of my goals here. Then I changed and dropped by a house party at Brianna's which is quite close to my flat. It was really just people drinking, and doing shots, I was just there to meet up with people so we could then go to the Monkey Bar. Brianna's Kiwi host tried to force Kate and I to drink, but we escaped, and the other people were going to come later. So we went to the Monkey Bar, stopping by the jazz night at Robbie Burns on the way to check it out. The jazz music was really good; we think we may go a bit earlier next week. I saw my flatmate Sarah there as she was leaving. At the Monkey Bar we each got a Bacardi Breezer, you know, one of those girlie drinks that are delicious, and mine was orange and yummy. At first there was a guy playing live and we weren't sure we would stay but then he stopped (his music wasn't danceable, it was just mediocre covers of rock songs) and they played their usual odd remixes of songs (for instance last week they played a remix of Take Me Home Country Roads, so I really do mean they're kind of odd). Anyway, I finished my drink and we were getting ready to go an hour and a half after coming but then Helen, Becky, and Karin showed up so we danced with them for a few minutes. Helen was drunk in a hilarious way and she hugged us when we left, which set off a chain reaction of hugs. While dancing, an absurdly drunk guy grabbed my waist and I just looked at him and he backed off, and went on gesturing creepily to himself... on the way back Kate and I were really hungry and almost stopped in Subway. You would understand the fact that I probably WILL go in Subway before I leave if only you knew how ridiculously amazing it smells every single time you walk by. I mean, there are other restaurants around that smell quite good as you're walking by, but none radiate such an amazing aroma as the Subway nearest campus on George Street. Also they have a "sub of the day" which is only $3.90! And it's open late. So one day I'm not going to be able to resist, and you'll have to just forgive me, but hey it's popular here so I guess you could say it's become part of Kiwi culture. I still won't go in McDonald's or Starbucks. Then I almost got a muffin from the Night N' Day, which is the 24 hour convenience store, cuz I got an apple cinnamon one the other day and it was SO GOOD but I resisted, and ate food I had in the flat instead. I am so proud of myself! It's really helpful to drink at least just a little, to fit in, because there's basically no one who doesn't drink at least a little. The drinking culture here is, well, insane. It might just be uni students, in fact it could just be Otago students, but I don't think so, because of certain television ads and the age of people you see in bars and drunk on the streets. Oh I have also found out it's perfectly legal here to carry realistic replicas of firearms, due to some costumes some people have been wearing. Interesting!

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