Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Northland trip with Amy

Nov. 9: I got into Auckland today and am staying at Amy's friend's house and everything is all good because they are super helpful and stuff.

Nov. 10: I am in Paihia now and I smell onions! In addition to that, my allergies have started acting up. (I'm next to the kitchen which is why I smell onions). I'm staying at a really posh hostel called Saltwater Lodge. It's really nice! We were going to do a half day dolphin watching cruise but wouldn't have been able to eat lunch so didn't, then we were really hungry and tried to find a place Amy could eat and I got annoyed... I need to not be a meanie face when I'm hungry. Anyway, then we walked down the beach and played on a playground.

Nov. 12: I did my dolphiny cruise today. I saw lots of dolphins! And beautiful islands. And went through a big hole in an island. It was totally awesome. Then Amy and I stopped in Russell and ate and walked around for a couple hours. It is the oldest town in NZ, and is cute and sleepy. Then took the ferry back to Paihia and we may look for kiwis tonight. Tomorrow, back to Auckland via kauri forests and then on the plane home! It's going to be a LONG as day.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Potluck and hanging out

I went to a potluck, which was also Sarah and Tim's engagement party. And there were adults there. It was sort of odd but not really. There are certainly nice people there and I like them, but I don't know any of them that well so it's always a bit awkward. But the food is good, too.

After that I went to Amy's and we all (Amy, Hannah, Laura, Liam, Michelle, and I) [I only just realised I was alpabetising those...] just sort of hung out. Liam, nice guy that he is, bought us delicious vegan pizza from Hell. And then chocolate.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food and Movies

Last night I... created a delicious mac n cheese with just some noodles, the rest of my cheese (a tiny bit of edam and some blue), and some butter. It was surprisingly delicious! I have like no food left now. Which is alright seeing as I am leaving so soon.

Then I went to Amy's and watched Alien with her and Liam. Except Liam was mostly asleep. It was pretty boring... you know, like many classic sci-fis, the plot is not complex but for some reason they feel the need to drag it out with boring talking. Certainly some classic moments and not entirely terrible.

Then tonight I watched Love Actually again, which is of course adorable!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stock Xchange Karaoke

I went to Hell Pizza and it was FABULOUS. Amy invited me to karaoke, which of course I said I'd go to. I told her not to let Liam buy me a drink! He always buys everyone drinks, and it makes me a little uncomfortable because he's spending a lot of money on it... also I didn't feel like drinking anything. But, he did anyway, which I guess is okay since they unexpectedly had daiquiris again. But still... I mean I know he does it because he's nice and I assume he has the money but you know... every time... anyway when we got to Stock Exchange there was like no one singing and no one there so we ended up being able to sing whatever we wanted as much as we wanted for the first hour or so. People eventually came but we were still able to sing A LOT. I sang 8 songs, only one of which was with someone else. Amy also sang 8... Hannah probably sang about as much and Liam as usual would not sing. I sang: Hero (Enrique Iglesias... hot), You Oughta Know with Amy (Alanis Morissette), Torn (Natalie Imbruglia), Concrete Angel (a sad but pretty country song by Martina McBride), Everything (Fefe Dobson), Drops of Jupiter (Train but I'm sure you know that one), Strawberry Wine (Deana Carter... it's about losing your virginity!), and I Swear (John Michael Montgomery... another country song...). I was going back to old songs I used to love, especially country, for some reason. That's okay. I know Concrete Angel was the best one I did, I actually felt I sang it really well. Everything is another great one. And Hero is just super fun to sing, with gestures as you can imagine. I have to do it when I get home.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pineapple Track

I will be leaving at 6:30 to go and sleep in a cave at Long Beach! Hopefully it will be a good time. There is one guy that is going that annoys me/creeps me out a little but I think I will go anyway because it sounds cool. I will probably do some bouldering. I got a $10 head torch at the Warehouse, so that will be good.

As for today so far: went on a hike. We did the Pineapple Track which is up Flagstaff which is 666m high. It wasn't a hard track or very long (if you can get a car to the car park at the beginning and to pick you up at the end, which we did). It's a BEAUTIFUL day and the views were outstanding!

After that I went to replace some items I lost:
the bite valve on my Camelbak
a torch
So I ended up going to Kathmandu, then R&R Sport, then the Warehouse which is pretty far south. As I was down there already, I decided to find the Harley dealership because I want to get my dad a shirt there. I found it but it was closed. I walked back, by the Chinese gardens and the Settler's Museum. I think I will try going back to the Harley place maybe Tuesday, or tomorrow depending on when we get back from the caves. Then I will also go to the Settler's Museum and the Chinese Gardens. It is really warm today, probably in the 70s and sunny."

And about the cave sleeping: "I slept in a cave. For approximately 4 hours. I mean, I was there longer, but that's how long I slept. Then I came home. Now I'm going back to sleep. (I woke up sore and unable to return to sleep. Even though the cave floor is sand, it was still pretty uncomfortable).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sandfly Bay number 2

Today I didn't do a whole lot. Walked downtown after sitting on my ass, and almost went to the Settler's Museum but bought a new daypack instead (wanted one I could put my Camelbak in and that had a waist strap). I already think it was a good investment (only about $30 USD, anyway). Anyway, on the way home I ran into Tim (my flatmate Sarah's now-fiance)'s flatmate Susi. She invited me to go to the Peninsula later. Having no plans whatsoever, I said GREAT! I got home and saw I was invited to a Grange party too, at 9. Awesome, I thought, Peninsula and then party with my friends!

So I went to the peninsula after dinner. We went to Sandfly Bay (we being Susi and 2 of her other flatmates, Lars and Sonya). I have been there before but it's so awesome so I didn't mind at all. It was like, gale-force winds, which was ridiculous and fun because you could lean really far over, and stuff. We walked to the end of the beach and right before you get to the hide, there was a penguin right there on the beach. You're not supposed to get near them because it scares them, so we were like oh crap what now. We walked as far away from it as possible but it just sat there, unmoving. Got to the hide and could see some sealions blooping around (I dunno how else to describe it lol it's so cute!) and some fur seals coming in, and a penguin going up the hill. Eventually some French people came in the hide too. We watched the animals until it was getting dark and walked back, into the wind and now rain this time. I sort of can't breathe in such strong wind so it was a bit unpleasant, but still crazy and interesting. Got wet feet because we weren't really watching where we were going (too much wind in the face) and a wave suddenly came a lot higher than all the others. Ah well. Still a great time. We went to Countdown on the way back. The others were going to see glowworms but I decided to take my leave at that point, because it was 10 and I wanted to get to the party.

But I should have gone to see the glowworms. It would have been much more fun. There was just drinking and smoking happening.