Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sandfly Bay number 2

Today I didn't do a whole lot. Walked downtown after sitting on my ass, and almost went to the Settler's Museum but bought a new daypack instead (wanted one I could put my Camelbak in and that had a waist strap). I already think it was a good investment (only about $30 USD, anyway). Anyway, on the way home I ran into Tim (my flatmate Sarah's now-fiance)'s flatmate Susi. She invited me to go to the Peninsula later. Having no plans whatsoever, I said GREAT! I got home and saw I was invited to a Grange party too, at 9. Awesome, I thought, Peninsula and then party with my friends!

So I went to the peninsula after dinner. We went to Sandfly Bay (we being Susi and 2 of her other flatmates, Lars and Sonya). I have been there before but it's so awesome so I didn't mind at all. It was like, gale-force winds, which was ridiculous and fun because you could lean really far over, and stuff. We walked to the end of the beach and right before you get to the hide, there was a penguin right there on the beach. You're not supposed to get near them because it scares them, so we were like oh crap what now. We walked as far away from it as possible but it just sat there, unmoving. Got to the hide and could see some sealions blooping around (I dunno how else to describe it lol it's so cute!) and some fur seals coming in, and a penguin going up the hill. Eventually some French people came in the hide too. We watched the animals until it was getting dark and walked back, into the wind and now rain this time. I sort of can't breathe in such strong wind so it was a bit unpleasant, but still crazy and interesting. Got wet feet because we weren't really watching where we were going (too much wind in the face) and a wave suddenly came a lot higher than all the others. Ah well. Still a great time. We went to Countdown on the way back. The others were going to see glowworms but I decided to take my leave at that point, because it was 10 and I wanted to get to the party.

But I should have gone to see the glowworms. It would have been much more fun. There was just drinking and smoking happening.

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