Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stock Xchange Karaoke

I went to Hell Pizza and it was FABULOUS. Amy invited me to karaoke, which of course I said I'd go to. I told her not to let Liam buy me a drink! He always buys everyone drinks, and it makes me a little uncomfortable because he's spending a lot of money on it... also I didn't feel like drinking anything. But, he did anyway, which I guess is okay since they unexpectedly had daiquiris again. But still... I mean I know he does it because he's nice and I assume he has the money but you know... every time... anyway when we got to Stock Exchange there was like no one singing and no one there so we ended up being able to sing whatever we wanted as much as we wanted for the first hour or so. People eventually came but we were still able to sing A LOT. I sang 8 songs, only one of which was with someone else. Amy also sang 8... Hannah probably sang about as much and Liam as usual would not sing. I sang: Hero (Enrique Iglesias... hot), You Oughta Know with Amy (Alanis Morissette), Torn (Natalie Imbruglia), Concrete Angel (a sad but pretty country song by Martina McBride), Everything (Fefe Dobson), Drops of Jupiter (Train but I'm sure you know that one), Strawberry Wine (Deana Carter... it's about losing your virginity!), and I Swear (John Michael Montgomery... another country song...). I was going back to old songs I used to love, especially country, for some reason. That's okay. I know Concrete Angel was the best one I did, I actually felt I sang it really well. Everything is another great one. And Hero is just super fun to sing, with gestures as you can imagine. I have to do it when I get home.

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