Friday, October 31, 2008


My Halloween experience was buckets of fun. I went over and got changed at Amy's. I wore a shiny purple shirt, a weird tie, and shiny blue boxers that said "charm the snake" on them. In a brilliant last minute move, I decided to use 2 socks to create a cock bulge. That was what really made the outfit. I also wore Amy's big hat and some makeup. Beautiful! lol

We went to the Mars Bar and there was someone we knew there right away. Oh yeah, Amy was Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise's daughter - she wore a baby-ish dress, carried a bear, and wore foil alien antennas. It was pretty funny but not a lot of people got it. There wasn't much to get about mine, and people thought it was funny. Especially when I pointed out my cock bulge. Some people decided to touch it, which was only weird because the place they were touching was actually over my actual crotch. haha. There was free laser tag and mini golf, so we (Amy, Karin, Austin, Alex Garett and I) did both of those things. Fun! Got free soft drinks, too. Then we just talked to people we knew. My flatmate Patrick was there and was ridiculously wasted and couldn't really say words. He and his friends were the Anchorman team and they were pretty good.

Almost all of the Arcadia kids were there, including somehow some of the Wellington girls who were visiting I guess. There were some great costumes: an ewok, a bear, a couple sheep, lots of bloody whatevers, one girl was Alex from A Clockwork Orange, one girl was her Facebook profile, one guy was probably a Brussels Sprout but didn't seem to remember what he was, my friend Jack was a sperm, somebody was Jesus, and plenty more I can't think of at the moment (one guy was a rock).

After that I went with Amy, Brianna, and Becky to Gardie's which is a really skeevy bar. Then Becky, Amy, and I went to the 24 for food (remember, I didn't eat dinner) then to Amy's to eat it and talk. Then Becky left and Amy and I talked for awhile, now I'm home. We were going to do the Pineapple Track tomorrow (up Mt. Flagstaff) but it's supposed to rain so we're going to do it Sunday.

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