Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pineapple Track

I will be leaving at 6:30 to go and sleep in a cave at Long Beach! Hopefully it will be a good time. There is one guy that is going that annoys me/creeps me out a little but I think I will go anyway because it sounds cool. I will probably do some bouldering. I got a $10 head torch at the Warehouse, so that will be good.

As for today so far: went on a hike. We did the Pineapple Track which is up Flagstaff which is 666m high. It wasn't a hard track or very long (if you can get a car to the car park at the beginning and to pick you up at the end, which we did). It's a BEAUTIFUL day and the views were outstanding!

After that I went to replace some items I lost:
the bite valve on my Camelbak
a torch
So I ended up going to Kathmandu, then R&R Sport, then the Warehouse which is pretty far south. As I was down there already, I decided to find the Harley dealership because I want to get my dad a shirt there. I found it but it was closed. I walked back, by the Chinese gardens and the Settler's Museum. I think I will try going back to the Harley place maybe Tuesday, or tomorrow depending on when we get back from the caves. Then I will also go to the Settler's Museum and the Chinese Gardens. It is really warm today, probably in the 70s and sunny."

And about the cave sleeping: "I slept in a cave. For approximately 4 hours. I mean, I was there longer, but that's how long I slept. Then I came home. Now I'm going back to sleep. (I woke up sore and unable to return to sleep. Even though the cave floor is sand, it was still pretty uncomfortable).

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