Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Northland trip with Amy

Nov. 9: I got into Auckland today and am staying at Amy's friend's house and everything is all good because they are super helpful and stuff.

Nov. 10: I am in Paihia now and I smell onions! In addition to that, my allergies have started acting up. (I'm next to the kitchen which is why I smell onions). I'm staying at a really posh hostel called Saltwater Lodge. It's really nice! We were going to do a half day dolphin watching cruise but wouldn't have been able to eat lunch so didn't, then we were really hungry and tried to find a place Amy could eat and I got annoyed... I need to not be a meanie face when I'm hungry. Anyway, then we walked down the beach and played on a playground.

Nov. 12: I did my dolphiny cruise today. I saw lots of dolphins! And beautiful islands. And went through a big hole in an island. It was totally awesome. Then Amy and I stopped in Russell and ate and walked around for a couple hours. It is the oldest town in NZ, and is cute and sleepy. Then took the ferry back to Paihia and we may look for kiwis tonight. Tomorrow, back to Auckland via kauri forests and then on the plane home! It's going to be a LONG as day.

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