Monday, October 6, 2008

Sinclair Wetlands; Brighton Beach

Austin and I had planned to do Silverpeaks or a similar day hike on 5 October, but I woke up with sore ankles for some reason, and so we did something flat instead. We looked up possibilities and discovered the Sinclair Wetlands, which are just out past the airport. So we went out and walked around out there. It was pretty cool, and looked a lot like the Dead Marshes. At one point we encountered a lamb and ewe on the path, and they ran away from us until we realised we had accidentally cornered them, and then we turned back because the ewe started hurling herself at a fence and I was afraid for their safety. After walking around there for a while, we made our way back to Dunedin. We had been thinking about checking out a waterfall on the map but our decision was made for us due to low petrol.

On the way back we stopped at Brighton which has a nice beach. There are really cool rock formations there. We walked around and played on the rocks, then walked down the beach. There was someone riding on the beach! We stepped in the hoofprints. It was a good time.

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