Friday, October 3, 2008

BBQ and more

Amy and I did go to Hell Pizza. I got a pizza with blue cheese, caramelised onions, tomatoes, and bacon. It usually comes with mushrooms, but you know how I feel about mushrooms. Then we went to a barbeque. Amy had led me to believe you were supposed to bring your own meat-ish stuff and only eat what you cooked, so that's why I agreed to eat pizza with her. It turned out there was heaps of food and everyone was sharing. Anyway, she left after not too long because she couldn't take the meat smell. I stayed and talked to one of Hannah's Kiwi friends Emma, who is in my anthropology class. Also to Michelle, Austin, and Hannah. Karin and Gavin showed up eventually. Then there was a fire. Then Amy came back. There were some marshmallows. It got chilly. Eventually Amy and I left, Grange was watching Apocalypto but I've seen it and we now don't like watching movies with them, more on that later. So we got a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire DVD game and the first season of The Office. We played the game some, it's Australian so not that easy, but still pretty fun. We'll be playing nonstop for a week, probably.

I went on some errands with Amy. First I turned in a survey to Uni Flats and got a free candy bar. Then to the post office, where I mailed off my ballot and got a texting top-up. Next to the Med Library where I dropped off books, then the regular lib for more (on the way stopping at the Museum Cafe to get fresh-squeezed OJ).

Last night I first went to Amy's because I wanted to DO SOMETHING because I had just finished my paper. Grange was watching Black Sheep and had invited us, but didn't bother to text us when they were going to start. So we asked them but they had already started it. Amy has a thing about starting movies in the middle apparently (well, I totally get that, I can't do it either) and didn't want to go, plus was kind of mad they didn't text her because they did that last week too I guess. Eventually they persuaded us to come by telling us they would start over. So we get there and they're all pretty drunk, and they have the movie paused 30 minutes in and weren't actually planning to restart it. They also talked through the whole thing.

Anyway, we thought they would do something after that, but instead they started playing House of the Dead. So we left to search for something interesting to do. No one was out and all the bars were closing (this was slightly before midnight). It was really balmy and warm and lovely. But it was so lame. We found a Christian group who had set up Sing Star in the street. But this one girl from the group talked to us and by the time we were finished talking to her they had packed up the game :( So we wandered. It was cloudy so we couldn't stargaze. I really wanted to walk to the beach but Amy's not much of a walking long distances person and the beach is pretty far away.

We eventually ended up going to see Hannah, who was doing homework. Outside of her house someone had spray painted "Fish?" on the sidewalk. Down the street a ways, some guys were sitting on the sidewalk and we were sort of concerned but then it appeared they were all fine, and they said hi to us, but we went in Hannah's for probably an hour. When we came out the guys were still there, and were like 'hey look it's our friends' and we found out they were playing Risk. On the street. Kind of neat actually, it was nice enough out. Walking down Leith street we caught a nasty whiff of fish, and soon after saw a disgusting dead fish in the street. So, that was my Thursday night.

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