Thursday, October 9, 2008

Farewell Dinner and bizarreness

I went to the farewell dinner. It was nice seeing Jane and everybody. Bell Pepper Blues was supposed to be Dunedin's best restaurant, and it was indeed one of the best restaurants I have EVER been to!!! Had soup, mashed potatoes, chicken, salmon, beef, veges, potstickers, salad, and chocolate cake! So much food. Then I sat in Grange until Amy was ready to go out. I wanted some sparkling wine to be a little celebratory but couldn't find a small enough bottle lol. We went to Jenn's and hung out there a little then went downtown. We had to wait for Liam (some Kiwi friend of Jenn's) and Scott to get their IDs and during that time some people in a 3rd floor window threw water on us. Not much later we were hit with some water balloons. Then we really had to pee so Amy, Becky, and I went in South Bar to use the toilets. Amy's stall had literal semen in it. GROSS. Then we went to Stock Exchange cuz Amy had a bar tab. There was some fun dancing. I'm pretty sure I saw two trannies. Hot. I left around 2 am when Scott left so I could have someone to walk home with.

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