Monday, September 29, 2008

More Bowler karaoke

After tacos, I did a tiny bit of work then went over to Amy's. We went down to Martina's birthday party (it was in the downstairs of Amy's flat) and there was some good dessert type food, yum. Then we headed out to The Bowler through the pouring rain. At first it looked like only Michelle and Hannah were coming. Amy and I sang "Complicated" and then all 4 of us sang "Wannabe" and "I Want it That Way". Karin, Gavin, Austin, Becky, and Ali showed up, then Gavin sang "Temperature" and it was one of the most hilarious moments ever. Later I sang "Candy Shop", which was also hilarious and fantastic (I actually know the words so I am pretty good at it). I got a video of Gavin doing Temperature but no one got a video of me doing Candy Shop.

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Rachel said...

Oct 1: "guess what!!! I saw a hedgehog!!!!!!! A wild one!!!

In other news, the bacon and feta AND pineapple (and onions) pizza was AWESOME [at Hell Pizza]. The pineapple was really necessary to the success of the flavour, because the bacon and feta were quite salty."