Friday, August 8, 2008

Week in Review

My week, briefly:

Monday: did chores, including the supermarket, and getting more power for the flat, and reading for classes and uploading pictures. I also made venison burgers, which I am quite proud of.

Tuesday: Had classes and saw Teeth at Regent. It was good! Had Māori Language, which is always cool.

Wednesday: Watched an interesting video in Anthropology of Health about a woman who had this weight loss program to turn to God instead of food. Finished my first piece in Bone Carving, for Jeff, and got a good way through the one I'm doing for my mom. Pretty awesome. I feel pretty accomplished in that respect. I rushed to Regent to see The Wave after bone carving. It was fairly good. Went to Velvet Burger afterwards, yum.

Thursday: Had classes, then had to rush dinner to make a Speight's Brewery tour. It, too, was $14, much like Cadbury is. However, it was a much more interesting tour! They actually taught us how the beer-making process works, and had interesting anecdotes (like they make an extra 50,000 litres for Orientation Week!). Afterwards you had 20 minutes to taste beer, and could have as much as you wanted. My friends took the opportunity to drink as much as they possibly could in that amount of time, to 'get their money's worth' but I just sampled everything and discovered that adding lemonade (aka lemon italian soda, more or less) to beer makes it good. Then I went with Karin, Tex, and Gavin to Jenn's party which was Olympic themed but didn't end up being as all-out Olympics style as we imagined. I went to the Bowler after that with Brianna, Kate, Helen, and Amber, and we listened to a live band and then danced when the others showed up, but Brianna and I left pretty early.

Friday: The weather is terrible (unlike yesterday which was beautiful and warm). It's sleeting/hailing and cold. I went out for toilet paper, which we have not had in our flat for several days. I went into Glasson's which was a mistake because then I wanted to buy everything in there, they have such cute clothes. I'm looking for a cute dress or skirt, but not having luck because I'm looking to pay, you know, $20, and I'm finding stuff for about $50. Time to hit the opshops, I guess. I plan to see The Escapist at 8:30 at Regent (my last film festival movie).

Tomorrow I may be going to the farmer's market, and will definitely be going to Carisbrook for a rugby match. It's Dunedin vs. Canterbury. I guess our local team is the Highlanders? Not sure what level they are. Sunday: who knows? Somewhere with Amy, perhaps.


Becky said...

i agree - the weather has been awful. bah.

Rachel said...

More: "I think I forgot to tell you of my cooking triumph! I successfully made some quite delicious venison burgers yesterday! I made 3, ate one and froze 2. I feel quite accomplished. I was even able to leave just a bit of pink in the middle!

So I went to see Teeth, and I enjoyed it. I don't know if you would - the guy who came with us didn't really like it and cringed a lot and even took off his glasses for some scenes lol. Yeah it's pretty gory and it's mostly penis violence. mmmmm! But it's darkly funny.

And for dinner tonight I decided to eat my microwave mac n cheese, but it turned out to be utter shit and I haven't been able to have really a full meal... I had a banana, cheese n crackers, craisins, peanuts, and choc chip biscuit but I'm still hungry :( but I have Māori Language soon so I didn't have time to cook anything else. booooo. I think I will eat something else when I get home."

Rachel said...

"My class was good. Bone carving, also good. Finished something for you!!! I'm hoping you'll like it. I also got quite far on a piece for my mom. I'm doing a koru (spiral) for her. All the tools are right-handed, boo. But my instructor says I'm good at bone carving! Sweet as. I then rushed down to the Octagon to see The Wave with Amy, Becky, Gavin, Tex, Lisa (Gavin, Tex, and Karin's Kiwi host) and her friend and her sister. I got fries from Velvet Burger as 'dinner' and after the movie got a burger from velvet burger for actual dinner. Gavin and Amy came with me. Amy is really cool, reminds me of Rachel A in some ways, and like I said we're quite like-minded. We decided on Facebook chat that we should hang out more. I might be going somewhere on Sunday with her. Who knows where?! Also I may be doing a brewery tour tomorrow, with the Gavmeister and co. Apparently there's another Jenn-hosted party tomorrow (Jenn is my friend Brianna's Kiwi host, she is the one who was trying to force tequila shots on me) that I might go to if nothing else is going on, because I'd rather hang out than sit alone at home and cry. And I'll take me a vodka drink to sip. Anywho, I have class at 10 AM :("

Rachel said...

Also: "We did the brewery tour. It was really quite interesting. For instance, the brewery brews 50,000 liters per brewing day, and does 4 (I think) brewing days in a week. However, in November when the uni students leave they cut it down to 3 a week. Then for orientation week they do an extra brewing (that is 50,000 EXTRA liters of beer, over the usual 4X50000 they do a week) because once they ran out! So in other words, a lot of their business is students.

I tried all the beers and sort of liked a couple. I discovered that if you add lemonade (read: more or less lemon italian soda) to beer it actually tastes GOOD! I drank more beer than I have ever drank at once before (in other words, probably about one whole beer in all, wowza lol) and got slightly buzzed. Then we went to Countdown and I got chocolate and the equivalent of teddy grahams. Here's where I could blame my purchases on being somewhat alcohol-affected, and yet I would have bought those things without being at all alcohol-affected, lol. I went with the people I did the tour with (Karin, Gavin, Tex) to the party I mentioned. It was olympics themed, so we went as Team Canada, and because I was wearing my red bra with white polka dots I decided I would just wear it on the outside of my clothes (after changing into a white shirt). lol. I got many stares and questions... probably people would have assumed I would have been drunk. But I wasn't, I was quite sober in fact at that point and I just found it amusing. We went to the Bowler and I wore the same thing. I think people were surprised that I didn't change. Haha. Anyway, there's always some Kiwis wearing silly costumes so no matter what you wear someone will probably be looking at least as foolish as you. There was a cool band playing classic rock there with a great guitarist. We danced a bit and then Brianna and I walked home, because we were sleepy and while I was having fun, I was thinking "I'd just as soon be home reading my book" and she wanted to go home so I walked with her. Oh yeah, the party was actually kind of lame, the only thing that really happened was Jenn went around feeding people sips of whiskey and coke, but when she gave me one she tipped it back too far and got it all over my shirt. Nasty, nasty whiskey. Sigh. Oh well. Have to wash those clothes."