Monday, August 18, 2008

An Uneventful Week

After Monday, the weather was bad. I also had to write an essay for Gender Studies. I also found out my exam schedule. My personal last day of classes is October 9, and my first exam is October 29. There is absolutely no way I can study for that long, and so I have taken it upon myself to plan a nice trip during that time. I also booked my WWOOFing and hung out with Amy a lot. The internet in my flat stopped working. It's really annoying. On Saturday I was supposed to have a kayaking trip but it was postponed, and due to not having next Saturday free I cannot do it until October 8th. So I could have gone to the Catlins with Karin and co., oh well. Amy showed a double feature at her flat - When Harry Met Sally and The Graduate. That was cool. Then we went out to the Monkey Bar with Michelle, I with my new outfit from Refind Rig, which is a super cool store. I haven't really done anything yesterday or today since the weather is so shit as and everyone else is working. If it was nice out I would have just gone somewhere, but it's really unpleasant and hailing.

My traveling for the first bit of exams is all booked! I will be flying to Auckland on October 10th, then doing the Stray Peter Pass, then taking the Interislander Ferry to Picton and doing Magic Bus' Wild West Coast Plus pass. I am planning to take an extra day in Franz Josef, and possibly one in Queenstown, depending on how much I feel I could afford. I am really excited!

As for this week, I have an online exam for Māori Society on Thursday. I will then be taking the Atomic Shuttle to Christchurch Friday morning. The family I am staying with will pick me up there, and then it's off to Rangiora for about a week of working on a horse farm. In fact, the accommodation is 'in the stable block' and I am taking that to mean I'll be living in a barn. Then on Thursday the 28th, I will get a ride back to Christchurch and spend the day there. Friday morning I will take the Intercity bus to Picton, where I will be picked up by Jane and Daryl for the Abel Tasman weekend! That involves hiking and kayaking, and should be great fun. I am getting a ride home from Becky and Karin.


Rachel said...

More on booking: "The wwoofing starts August 21st. I'm excited! I booked my bus to Christchurch and also my bus to Picton for Friday the 29th, plus my hostel in Christchurch for that Thursday night. I could, theoretically, have stayed that night at the farm and taken the ($5) bus to Christchurch at like 5 in the morning or so, and saved $20 or more (yeah, more, cuz I'll have to do meals in Christchurch). But, I decided, I would spend a day in Christchurch. I should be getting a ride into town on Thursday morning, 7 am in fact, so I will have the whole day to explore the city, which should be cool. I have only been to the airport. It will be a good time, I think. There's a zoo-ish place there I want to go, and anyway it looks like there'll be something I can find to do. It's also just a pretty city, supposedly. I am currently looking into options for a week of travel during exams (because I'm a terrible student, except not). Looking to do a big bus trip on Magic Bus or Stray, probably. I don't know what to choose, mostly because I don't know what I will and will not have seen by that point. Though it is a pretty good bet I won't have done anything on the North Island, so I may concentrate the travel there. There is also the West Coast of the South Island, which my friends with a car who I would most likely be able to get rides with (since they actually think of me for trips, what are the odds!) are doing for break, so I won't be going there then. There is a Magic Bus trip from Auckland to Queenstown which looks pretty good! It costs $412, but that gets you transport for 9 days and sightseeing, and it's more convenient than trying to arrange it on your own (and probably cheaper). I've heard Stray is better than Magic Bus, but I guess if Magic Bus has a better route for me I'll do it. Anyway! That's stuff I don't really need to be planning yet, however I am, since I'd rather do that than work on my massive anth paper which isn't due til Oct 3rd."

Rachel said...

Cooking triumphs: "Guess what I made for dinner? AN OMELET! I had gotten eggs for my burgers, and I need to use them before break, and I was like "hmm... eggs... cheese... OmELET!). And so, I glanced at a cookbook in my flat, and it told me I should mix the eggs with a bit of milk, and salt and pepper (we don't have black pepper so I used cayenne pepper and that ended up awesome). So I made the omelet and it was DELICIOUS!!! In other words, I CAN COOK!!! I am so intensely happy with myself, because it's not that I'm just making decent food, I am making really good food! And while it's simple stuff, sure, it's not just pasta! I also got falafel dough stuff at the grocery store (because I had had some at Amy's and it was good). You just make them into a patty and cook them in a pan. Super easy, super delicious! Even pretty decent for you! I am becoming like half-vegetarian because meat's expensive and you sort of have to buy it in too-big portions for me.

Yep, that's my excitement. I came to the library to... do work... but I've been here an hour and a half and I have done NO WORK WHATSOEVER lol. I got a totally hot outfit at this store called Refind Rig today. It has secondhand designer-ish clothes. Most stuff is still pretty expensive, but you can find cheaper things. I got a skirt off the $10 rack! And a cute shirt and jacket, that all goes together, all for US$39.50, which is really a deal! woohoo! And I finally found a waterproof disposable camera... at Kmart."

Rachel said...

More on going out: "got up and accompanied Amy to the video store and Circadian Rhythms, a vegan cafe, and she shared a delicious vegan carrot cake slice with me. Then we watched When Harry Met Sally and The Graduate with some other people too. I loved when harry met sally but had mixed feelings about the graduate.

then we went out with Michelle to the octagon in my hot new outfit, ended up at the monkey bar as usual. Some guy kept pointing at me and trying to get me to dance, but I pretended I didn't see (later I saw him getting literally dragged out of the place)."

Rachel said...

"I did bone carving but totally NOT COOL that it's over. However, I am quite happy that my dad has the tools! It's one of those things that's very relaxing and therapeutic to do, as well as being FUN and it makes you feel so accomplished. All in all, it's amazing. I just took my Māori test. It was the easiest test I ever took. I took my time to check over my answers and look them up to make sure I was right. Even so, it only took 8 minutes. And I got everything right. So I have at least a 20 in that class! lol. That test was 20% of the grade and worth 20 points (20 questions) so in other words each point was a point on your final grade."