Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunshine and Blue Skies!

I am in a super good mood today, despite not getting my riding boots in, because it was such a nice day! Plus, break is pretty much on now! I am leaving for Christchurch then Rangiora in the morning. I took my Māori test and passed it 100%, I also got back the paper for that class, another 100%. So I will at least get a 30 in the class. Today after classes/chores I walked through the Botanic Gardens to check out the aviary. It was quite cool. There was a bird saying "hello. what's up doc?" and I got a video but can't really upload it.

-pics in later- social life calls. (err, texts).


Xenia said...

Well written article.

Rachel said...

More on this: "The aviary was so cool! The pictures are on Flickr. Tonight I watched the Sound of Music at Grange Street, we played a drinking game where you drank when a song started and at certain key words (like Maria). Anyway, I actually drank one of my vodka thingies. Over the course of the whole movie. While other people had like 5-7 drinks. lol. I took tinier sips :P I wasn't going to play but I realized as long as I barely sipped, it would be the same as slowly drinking the drink.

Then we played Wii Mario Kart and I beat everyone because they were all drunk, but I am going to go ahead and pretend it's because I'm awesome. Then we were going out and stopped by Velvet Burger (I made everyone go because I NEEDED the fries and that was my only goal for the night). Then people were going up to the Monkey Bar but Hannah was stumbling around and they wouldn't let her in. So we walked to the Octagon, but Liisa (Karin/Gavin/Austin's Kiwi flatmate) and I decided to go back because we both had to get up early. I discovered while talking to her that she actually lived in my flat last year! It was funny because I was lamenting the size of my kitchen, and she was like my old kitchen was really small too, and I was like sounds sort of like mine. After some more talking she was like wait do you live at 363? And I was like why yes! (she already knew I lived on Leith Street). Sweet as."