Monday, August 11, 2008

Out on a Friday; Carisbrook; Evil Universe; Lovely Monday

I did indeed go see The Escapist with Amy, Gavin, Karin, Liisa, and Tex. It was alright, sort of hard to follow (hard to understand low, mumbling, Irish accents), but interesting in the end. We then headed back to 48 Grange to warm up again. Michelle and Hannah joined Amy, Gavin, and I for a night on the town. We wandered towards the Octagon, stopping for a veggie wrap from a Turkish cafe for Amy and wedges at the 24 for me (and wine for Hannah). When we got to the Octagon we realized no one at all was out on a cold, sleeting Friday (Friday isn't a big party night here anyway, somehow). So we defaulted to the Monkey Bar, of course, which always has at least a few first years awkwardly grinding all over each other. It was fun, and we saw a super crazy awkward dancing guy fall on top of this girl who is apparently pretty psycho (and slutty) and you shouldn't feel sorry for her. It was pretty hilarious, especially when the guy moved a slight distance away and started dancing again!

Saturday I went to a rugby match with Amber, Kate, Alex, Becky, Stacy, and Brianna. It was regional teams, Otago vs Canterbury. We decided to walk to Carisbrook, it isn't that far and there didn't seem to be other free options. It was actually warm and sunny for most of the walk. The match was fairly fun to watch, though it rained and got colder. But we saw a rainbow! Otago lost. There were a lot of little kids running around beating each other with signs that fans hold. Later I went to Toroa to watch Much Ado About Nothing with Becky, Amber, Kate, Brianna, and Stacy. I bought and consumed an entire 250g bar of dark chocolate (later I felt kind of sick!). After that, I went to Amy's flat and talked to her until 4 in the morning.

Sunday was the day the universe was against me. First, there was a texting mishap, wherein Amy's text didn't reach me and my text didn't reach her. So we both thought we got ditched by the other, since we had planned to do something together. I ended up sleeping in and talking to Jeff for a long time. Later, I tried to get biscuits at Coupland's, but the internet lied about when they closed. So I ended up walking up the second they decided they were closed, and though there were other customers inside and someone went in right before me, they wouldn't let me in. I went and played Phase 10 with Amy later.

Today was sunny and lovely. I went to the supermarket and Coupland's (though some ladies took the donuts I wanted). Walked back through the Gardens and noticed the duck pond. Amy texted me saying she would prefer the art gallery at 2 (it was that or the gardens) so I ate a quick lunch and got back to the duck pond at about 1. The info centre gives you free duck feed. So I got some and fed ducks for 45 minutes. It was a lovely time. Then I met Amy at the Link at 2 and we stopped by the Cambodian place on George so she could get lunch; I had a ginger beer. We went to the Public Art Gallery, it was neat. Some nice European paintings, and some weird modern art. The lighting in there is pretty terrible though, gives a lot of glare. On the way back we stopped at Trade Aid and the pharmacy. I got earrings and chocolate at Trade Aid (hey, it's free trade and was 20% off) and I got 'Immunofort' at the pharmacy. It's basically a multivitamin, with emphasis on immune system boosters. I've been wanting to try vitamins, and I sort of want to see if I can make do with taking less medicine. Maybe natural stuff is for me! I really need to call the people I want to WWOOF with, but I am just kind of nervous to call anyone, let alone a Kiwi family I don't know. I keep hoping they'll respond to my e-mail. As for now, I'll wait until tomorrow and then definitely call (of course, that's what I said yesterday...). I need to go do an essay.


Rachel said...

More on Friday: "Went to see The Escapist with Amy, Gavin, Karin, and Lisa. It was fairly alright. Kind of sad. Quite sad really. Then we went back by the Grange St flat (that of Karin, Gavin, Lisa, and Tex) and played a little Wii. Then Amy, Gavin, Hannah, and Michelle and I went out. Amy got a wrap at a Turkish place and then I got wedges at the 24. They put sour cream and sweet chilli sauce on them, mmmm. Then we went to the Monkey Bar and danced until 1:30 or so. There was this guy dancing all crazy who was kind of hilarious and in ways reminded me of Tim, in other ways of Trevor. Later this slutty girl was dancing with him and then, in a bizarre series of events, he fell flat on her... it was terrible and hilarious all at once. What was most funny was that she was on the floor for quite a long time, and at first the guy was trying to help her up... but then he just went back to dancing like nothing happened. Apparently Amy knew the girl, too, and didn't really like her. lots of lulz. Then I came back to my flat, the lounge was warm and Jess was watching the Olympics opening ceremony so I watched some too. In fact then I noticed it was 3 am. I was thinking about Farmer's Market tomorrow... but now I'm not so sure. don't want to get up that early really. We are walking to the stadium, I believe.

It is cold. It was sleeting on the way back from the Monkey Bar. This is when I want an umbrella. Possibly an animal one, like Amy has, from the Warehouse. Apparently there's lots of animal choices."

Rachel said...

On Saturday: "I went to a rugby match today. Otago lost to Canterbury 20-13. We ended up walking to Carisbrook (not too far really). It was cold and rainy for most of the day. We sat near a whole bunch of crazy little kids, including one with a mullet. We stopped at a cafe for some people to get coffee on the way back. Becky and I went out to dinner at Savoury Japan. I don't really have any snack foods left, which sucks. I might watch a movie later."

Rachel said...

And: "I watched Much Ado About Nothing at Toroa with Amber, Stacy, Kate, Becky, and Brianna and a couple Toroa people. I had invited Amy to come see it but she didn't text me until after the movie, when she asked if I was still there cuz she was bored. I ended up going to her flat and we literally just sat and talked until 4 in the morning. it was quite fantastic, I had missed stuff like that. Amy is fairly spectacular. we are going to do... something tomorrow. an idea was to go to the castle, but apparently there is absolutely no public transport to there."

Rachel said...

A bit more on Monday: "I had an amazing time feeding the ducks - the lady gave me 2 bags of free duck food, and I sat on my coat by the pond, and the ducks ate out of my hands (their beaks don't hurt since they're wide and they don't grab hard since they're a little shy). I was there for 45 minutes or so, just watching them. It's so amazing, just to watch animals. I noticed a sign for an aviary in the gardens, I want to go there sometime. Then I met Amy at the Link and we walked down to the Public Art Gallery, after stopping at the Cambodian place so she could get lunch. She's vegan, I think I told you, and this noodle soup was sketchy cuz she definitely found some chicken in it... The art gallery was cool. Some weird modern art, I have some pictures of it that you will enjoy."