Saturday, September 6, 2008

Otago Museum and stuff

Today in Dunedin was sunny and got warm in the afternoon. I awoke around 11, and got out the door at 1. I did some chores, and got some books for my anthropology paper from various libraries (main library, medical library, science library).

Then I went to the Otago Museum to look at the stuff I hadn't seen yet. Have you ever noticed that if you go in a museum by yourself and there's no one in there, it's a little creepy? Especially the Animal Attic - a bunch of stuffed animal specimens. I kept thinking "what if they suddenly come to life?" but that did not occur. I didn't go in the butterfly exhibit today. It costs money, but I want to go in it once. Not enough time today.

The Peoples of the World exhibit was quite cool. It had some Greek coinage, Greek pottery, and well, a whole bunch of pottery from all over everywhere, really. I thought of you, and how much you would enjoy all that pottery.

Last night I watched Resident Evil with Becky, Karin, and Amy. Then I went with Austin and Amy to Hannah's flat and we played Rummy, also with Michelle who is Hannah's flatmate. Fun times! We were listening to a lot of Avril Lavigne and singing loudly and other chick singers and almost killed Austin.

This morning I went to the Farmer's Market! I got venison mince, honey, apples, and a crepe. Now I am going to Long Beach and I'm gonna do some bouldering!!!

I watched PS I Love You (PS its terrible) with Amy, her neighbor Niral, and another girl from Toroa Esther. Then Amy and I watched Wordplay, a documentary about the NY Times crossword puzzle. It was good but I fell asleep and missed the ending.


Rachel said...

More random, Sept. 8: "Guess who karaoked last night? ME!!! Also went to an awesome potluck. Fun times all around! I sang Hero by Enrique Iglesias, Chasing Cars, Dani California, and I Wish I was a Punk Rocker by Sandi Thom. THe last one was my best. I sang them all by myself!"

Rachel said...

Sept. 10: "Last night I: finished my paper, and PLAYED CARDS! We played Hearts and then 500! So much fun."